Youth Action (formerly YAPA – Youth Action and Policy Association) work with youth engagement and advocacy in NSW. They are on the front lines representing Australia’s youth in public policy and media debate, getting young people involved in the social issues that affect them and engaging with youth at a grassroots level.

It is a common virtue of social organisations that every ounce of energy goes to helping the cause and pushing the work forward, leaving communications strategy lingering in the to-do list. Youth Action decided they were ready for a website and design overhaul and engaged us to help out. To see more of the site, visit

This was a huge undertaking for both of us, sorting through the mountains of content on their old website, developing an effective way to re-structure and present it, building on the user engagement and interactivity and creating a fresh design style to flow into offline communications as well.

We re-badged the major sections of the website:

unleash (for young people) | engage (for youth workers) | about (about Youth Action)



This simple structure and design flows throughout the site, linking together the different sections, aiding usability and navigation and building on the Youth Action brand.



The idea was to represent the Youth Action brand as active and engaged in youth affairs without resorting to youth cliches of hyperactive overwhelming design. We applied bright but complimentary colours and web design focused on simplicity to embody Youth Action as a professional and credible organisation that puts their youth constituency first and foremost.

We were then able to apply the fresh look to their cards, documents and display media.


card_front cards_back




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