One in five Australian men will experience a mental illness in 2012, with the prevalence higher among young people. Yet the problem is unspoken and swept under the rug. Not until we start talking about mental illness will individual expression, social norms and public policy change to address this health issue. This poster concept represents a physical manifestation of mental illness that cannot always be seen and is therefore not discussed. The first step is to start talking.

This project was subitted as part of the Positive Posters competition. Seeing Mental Illness has been featured on mUmBRELLA and The Vine.

Huge thank you to Ian Laidlow for the photography.


The Process



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  1. YABI wrote:

    Great concept!
    Mental illness is not always easy to see or can be hidden, but it directly influences life quality and until the social stigma is removed, then there will still be people suffering depression in isolation.