ModPod Creative is a design/marketing consultancy sprouted by the brains of two fresh creatives with a case to prove in applying their talents to facilitate social and cultural change. We believe communication and graphic design have the power to harness social influence and make the world go round in a more positive way.

We are passionate about pursuing this end with our hearts and minds, to step outside the industry and create something that we believe in. Whether it be encouraging help for the needy, teaching love for the environment or building foundations for social justice, ModPod Creative are motivated to approach ideas differently and to have meaningful impact.

If you would were interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you, especially organisations requiring compelling social justice campaigns or visual communication for art, culture and community.


Concept development 

Graphic design

Public relations

Fundraising campaigns

Web design

Strategic marketing 


Event management

Copy writing

Social media marketing



Nicola believes graphic design is more than just making ‘pretty pictures’. She has worked as a freelance designer in a diverse range of fields from local gardeners to  eco-tourism, as well as writing as a journalist for Oxfam, Design Quarterly and InDesign publications. Nicola’s philosophy is based on the idea of not just doing good design, but doing good.



Ben lives by the mantra that good ideas are the lifeblood of creativity and communication. He has worked in advertising and public relations in government, private and not-for-profit sectors in addition to work in marketing research at the University of Wollongong. Ben pursues his vocation with a view that how we communicate is how we live and that can have positive influence on society.  When not writing words to reach the masses, Ben writes tunes on his guitar, and                                                     reaches the ocean for a surf.