Conversations with Creative Women is a collection of 14 exclusive interviews with some of Australia’s most talented female creatives, from industries as varied as millinery, textile design, blogging, architecture, retail, writing, weaving and fashion design.

The women interviewed in this book are at different stages in their careers, with varying responsibilities at home, as an employee, as a self-employed freelancer or as a business owner. They talk about their careers and creative lives with insight and generosity.

I was asked to illustrate the title page for graduate architect Kate Vernon, a.k.a. Captain KK.


The concept for Kate Vernon’s page design stemmed from her love of colour, which is so visible on her blog posts, and discovering where Kate finds inspiration in both her work and home life. I wanted to combine structural and architectural elements with a design that was playful, with a touch of the handmade.

I started out my design with pencil and paper as I find it offers more creative freedom than heading straight to the computer screen. The design was hand-drawn, then photographed and digitally finished.

You can read more about the book or how to purchase.


– Nicola


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